Mobile dog grooming prices

(guide only)


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The prices listed here are a guide price only. Actual costs may vary according to the temperament and coat condition of your pet (these factors may require booking a longer appointment) and also overall size of your pet, there is invariably a range of size within each breed, especially dogs such as Labradoodles or  Cockerpoos, even large dogs such as Bernapoos so it would be impossible to have a one price fits all or even a one price per breed approach. Other factors that affect pricing include the service you require, any upgrades requested or services recommended that you may accept.

All prices will be discussed at consultation and should be in the range of the below prices.

any appointments made and not cancelled with a minimum of 48 hours notice may be subject to a fee of 50-100% of groom price.

Toy breeds / small  From £42

 (Chihuahua,Russian toy,Yorkie)    


Small/Medium From £45

(Bichon, Maltese, Lhasa, Shih-Tzu, Westie, mini poodle)


Medium £48

(cockerpoo, mini schnauzer) 


Large         From £60  

  (Doodle, Golden retriever, standard Poodle, Portuguese water dog)    


Very large    From £65

            (giant doodle, GSD, Husky, Afghan*)            


Giant    From £70

          (giant Schnauzer, Giant Poodle, mountain dogs)  


Interim grooms-

wash, dry, nails, ears, brush and tidy of feet, face, tail and hygiene is priced as above -£10

Breed standard +15% on short coat, 25% on drop coated breed

Hand strip prices based on breed and time to complete, From £45-£100 

Wash and Go service also available, £38-£60