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Mobile dog grooming services

Happy Pets, professional styling

My Fur Lady provides a specialist pamper service for dogs, often called a spa day. I offer warm, reliable mobile dog grooming by a level 3 trained dog groomer.

I’m flexible and can come to you with my 'salon on wheels', or you are welcome to bring your dog to me. In addition to these options I am able to pick up and drop off for a small fee.

I cover a wide area and have a journey time limit rather than a distance limit.

You have nothing to lose, contact My Fur Lady today and see if I cover your area.

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Dog Haircut

Clipper or Scissor Cut

Humanity over Vanity

No matter what your dog’s breed, age or character, my grooming services will meet their individual needs and leave them feeling fresh, clean and pampered.
Matted coats are uncomfortable for your dog and can cause bacteria growth. 
I am happy to carefully brush out tangles, but some mats may need to be cut out.
Get in touch today with any questions about how I can help you and your furry friend. A full groom or even just a tidy up between grooms.

Canine Hairdresser


Professional Experience

I have worked with dogs of all sizes for many years. This means you dog owners can relax knowing your pet will be very well cared for by an experienced professional who understands their needs.
A 'Full Groom' is one of my most popular services and includes a good dog wash in the hydro bath, thorough dry using high velocity dryers, nail clipping or trimming the claws and  options to upgrade shampoos used and even to add on items like a facial scrub, paw pad treatment and even tooth brushing, so make sure to call today!

Cocker Spaniels


Reduce the fall out in your home

Not spending as much time as you’d like grooming your dog, or keeping up with their brushing or hygiene needs? We all get fed up with our dog's loose hair falling everywhere we turn, don't you wish you could just stop chasing your tail? Especially when the seasons change and their undercoat begins dropping out! A de-shed offers exactly that, I use special shampoos and grooming products, including curry brushes, a slicker brush and other trade secrets to remove tangles and a huge bulk of hair that would otherwise find it's way into every corner of your home!
Why not relax and take advantage of my de- shed groom service?


Hand Strip

Overgrown coat on your dog?

'Hand stripping' to remove your dog's old coat takes time.  Although any dog can have a haircut, dogs like Border Terriers, Spaniels and many more, look better and more natural after stripping the coat rather than cutting it. Special care is taken so as not to irritate the delicate skin and scissoring is used to tidy up areas such as legs. This helps to maintain colour and texture and produces a beautiful result.

Canine Hairdresser

Other Services

Does your furry friend need their teeth brushing?  perhaps a fun temporary 'tattoo' (airbrush art)

I offer a top of the range, ultrasonic tooth cleaning service using a brush that is totally silent and non vibrating.

As a result I am able to visibly reduce the build up of plaque and tartar above the gum line.

Your dog will have their own brush head so no cross contamination.

*initial consultation and treatment is higher priced than subsequent cleans and requires significant commitment*

If this sounds too time consuming or your dog really doesn't like having their teeth cleaned, i do offer a traditional scraping option to loosen or remove plaque and tartar above the gum line.

~(neither of these issues remove the need for regular dental checks)~

Fancy treating your pet to a temporary piece of pet safe art work? 

I offer this too, and nail painting is also available.


Dog Grooming - did you know...

Dog grooming (mobile or salon based) requires no training or qualifications

As a dog owner it certainly shocked me to find that out. In addition not all groomers know canine first aid, and there will be many who aren't even insured!

This means that anyone is allowed to pick up scissors, clippers and other dog grooming tools and offer their services as a dog groomer, now don't get me wrong, some of these groomers have been doing it a long time, are very good and learned their skills well, but that is not the same as having been trained.

You wouldn't pay someone to give you a haircut who hasn't at least had some training, or get a scale and polish from someone who isn't a dentist would you?

No? Thought not

Rest assured, I am a professional. Having invested significant time and money into training to a high standard, I am also canine first aid trained, insured and use only professional equipment in my mobile grooming salon service

woman 5

"My fur lady was an excellent experience from start to finish. Amanda is polite, reliable and friendly. She made sure to put us at ease from the start getting to know our dog and knowing her character. She gave us a choice of products and made sure she knew our preferred styles for our dog.
Our dog adores Amanda and is always happy to see her.
Her grooming skills are fantastic. She knows her stuff for each breed and we always walk away happy.
I highly recommend My Fur Lady. She is excellent."


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